Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign

Many of our patients are interested in straightening their teeth and improving their oral health without braces. We are pleased to offer Invisalign orthodontics as a comfortable and efficient treatment option. With a series of removable aligners that are thin and clear, we can gradually straighten your teeth without the use of metal wires or brackets. Computer technology, in combination with custom manufacturing, enables us to address a broad range of orthodontic conditions with greater precision than ever before.

Advanced Clear Aligner Technology

Fundamentally, orthodontic treatment involves the movement of the teeth into healthier and more ideal relationships. When we incorporate 3-D computer imaging, we can predict and chart the movement of each tooth for the most precise results. Invisalign technology not only enables us to tailor and design your customized treatment plan, it also serves as a template for the creation of you custom aligners. Based upon your clinical records, computerized images, and detailed measurements, each of your aligners will be designed to move the teeth in specified increments. When worn continuously, each aligner will function in a specific manner before being replaced by the next aligner in the series, until the desired result is achieved.


  • The clear design offers privacy and discretion throughout the orthodontic process.
  • Invisalign aligners are removable, granting you the freedom to eat and drink, brush, and speak without interference.
  • Removable aligners enable you to practice good daily oral hygiene without the use of floss threaders or special tools.
  • Invisalign’s metal-free aligners are comfortable and won’t irritate the soft lining of the mouth.
  • Metal-free aligners are preferred by patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.
  • The entire series of aligners will be created at the start of your treatment, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments and saving you time in the dentist’s chair.
  • Invisalign’s software enables you to preview your virtual treatment plan from start to finish allowing you to visualize your future smile.


How Long Does Treatment Take?

The length of the Invisalign treatment process depends upon your particular circumstances. Generally speaking, crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth can be aligned in 12-24 months. For mild or limited orthodontic issues, treatment can be completed in as few as six months.

How Does Invisalign Work?

First, we put on a series of attachments to your teeth, which are essentially small pieces of white filling material. These help the aligner trays connect snugly to your teeth and help with the physics of the movement. After treatment is complete, we remove the attachments and smooth your teeth so you’d never know they were there at all. Attachments don’t harm your teeth.

In some cases, we’ll need to do a process called slenderizing, which involves taking off a thin amount of tooth between two teeth in create enough space for optimal movement.

Cheaper Alternatives to Invisalign

You may have seen commercials for teeth straightening where you can bypass the dentist and save a bit of money by getting your clear aligners through the mail. You take an impression of your teeth at home, send it off to the labs, and they send you a new aligners every few weeks. While you may save a little bit of money, is it worth it?

Your teeth need to be monitored by a dentist throughout the process to ensure everything is moving as it should. We have seen cases where someone has lost teeth because of this “DIY teeth straightening process”. You definitely don’t want that to happen!

Patients at our office have really good outcomes, and are glad they made the right investment in their smile.

After Your Treatment

Once treatment is complete and your teeth are nice and straight, you will want to keep them that way…..right? Your teeth may still have a tendency to move around a little bit, and you don’t want that to happen if at all possible.

We recommend you wear a clear retainer as soon as treatment is complete. These look like your Invisalign trays, and there are no attachments on your teeth. For the first 90 days, we ask that you wear them for 22 hours a day, just like when you were in full-time Invisalign. You only have one retainer, since there is no more movement required. After 90 days, we recommend you move to wearing the retainers at night, forever, just to ensure there is no unwanted movement.

Now you get to enjoy your nice straight teeth for the rest of your life!

When you call up our office and schedule your free Invisalign consultation, you’ll see what your teeth will look like once they’ve perfectly aligned.

Set up an Appointment for Your Dazzling Smile

Dr. Blacher and our clinical team have received specific training in order to receive Invisalign certification. When you call up our office and schedule your free Invisalign consultation, you’ll see what your teeth will look like once they’ve perfectly aligned.