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Due to dental diseases, malnutrition or poor health, many adults are completely edentulous – meaning that all of the upper and lower teeth are missing. There are also many adults with few healthy remaining teeth. For these patients, dentures and partials can provide a second opportunity for an attractive and functional smile.

Replacing the natural teeth with removable dentures or partials will help to improve your chewing ability, your speech, your self-confidence, your desired tooth color, and even the shape of your face.

What Kind of Denture or Partial is Right for You?

Complete dentures

Also known as a plate, this removable prosthetic fits snuggly against the gums for a secure fit. Complete dentures enable us to replace every tooth in the upper and/or lower jaw at once. Artificial teeth are fitted into a metal or acrylic base that mimics the color of the gum tissue.

Immediate dentures

Complete dentures that are worn immediately after your teeth have been extracted. As a ‘temporary’ denture, the immediate denture grants you the dignity of a full smile during the healing process following the removal of your natural teeth. Due to inflammation, bleeding, and changes in the contour of the jaw bone, it is important to allow up to 6 months of healing time before the final complete denture is designed.

Partial dentures

A removable set of artificial teeth that are used to replace some, but not all, of the natural teeth. Adults who have lost multiple natural teeth but who still have the use of several healthy teeth can benefit from partial dentures. This type of appliance is anchored to the remaining teeth with the use of metal or acrylic clasps.

Dental Care for your False Teeth

False teeth can vastly improve the quality of your life, but the responsibility of maintaining your oral health doesn’t end when you take your teeth out at night. All teeth require routine dental care – even false teeth. You should see Dr. Blacher regularly to have your removable teeth evaluated and adjusted. To assure that your artificial teeth are natural-looking and functioning properly, you will receive guidance and homecare instructions from our dental team.

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