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Although we devote a great deal of effort to preserving and protecting the teeth, there are times when taking a tooth out is the best treatment choice. We sometimes find that fillings, root canal procedures, or crowns cannot adequately save a tooth. During those times, you should know that our team takes every precaution to perform your tooth extraction with skill and compassion.  We strive to ensure that you receive high quality treatment in a manner that is comfortable.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

We offer powerful anesthetics and sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort as your tooth is removed. We also ensure that our patients are completely numb and relaxed before beginning the surgical portion of the procedure. Depending upon the chosen sedatives and/or anesthetics, you can remain awake but only minimally aware of the surgery. Once the tooth has been removed, there should be little or no discomfort, with minimal bleeding.

Staying Healthy After an Extraction

Certain precautions should be taken after an extraction to speed the healing process and to prevent an infection from occurring. If necessary, you may be provided with a prescription for antibiotics which should be taken exactly as directed. It is imperative that you avoid smoking, vigorous activities, aggressive brushing and rinsing, or drinking through straws for several days after your tooth has been extracted. These activities can hinder the healing process and may result in an open wound at the surgical site. To control swelling after an extraction, apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek near the extraction site as directed by Dr. Blacher. Additional methods will be recommended to minimize swelling and to manage any discomfort.

Life after a Tooth Extraction

Other than the occasional wisdom tooth, we encourage you to consider your options for replacing a tooth that has been extracted. All teeth serve important purposes and there are numerous options for replacing one that has been removed. During your consultation, we will discuss tooth replacement options such as bridges and implants to ensure that you are well-informed in your decisions. For more advice and information regarding tooth extractions, please call to schedule a consultation today.

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