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What does it take to ensure that each member of your family enjoys the best possible oral health? We believe that it takes a family-focused dental team with an unwavering commitment to providing thorough and comfortable dental care.

Top-Quality Dental Care for All Ages

Each member of your family will likely have different, specific dental needs. We offer professional teeth cleanings and checkups for children as well as adults. During these checkups and cleanings, we will utilize the latest dental technology and equipment to fully evaluate the health of each patient. With each examination, our team will recommend the type of dental cleaning or dental restorations that are most appropriate.

The type of dental cleaning that is right for you will depend upon your oral health as well the state of your general health. A routine cleaning is typically recommended every 6 months for children and adults with healthy gums and good oral hygiene. A more advanced, deep cleaning is often recommended for patients who are affected by gum disease. These cleanings can be scheduled more frequently than routine cleanings—generally every 3-4 months for the best management.

Customized Dental Procedures

To care for your family, our team can provide a wide range of preventive and restorative dental treatments. This includes cosmetic treatments, root canals, sedation dentistry, crowns, fillings and bridges. Whether you are interested in protecting your current smile, improving the state of your dental health, or planning for a more beautiful smile, we are here to provide professional advice and uncompromising service.

What’s Best for You and Your Family?

As a team of dental professionals who provide family dentistry, be believe in the value of your opinion. We welcome your questions and input regarding your dental care and Dr. Blacher will take the time to keep you engaged and informed. All aspects of your treatment plan will be explained and all potential treatment options will be presented. Our goal is to work together with you to develop the best possible treatment strategy. As a member of our practice, we invite you to ask questions and express your concerns at any time.

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