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October 4, 2021

veneer installation procedure 3D illustration

All good things must come to an end. You may have gotten the most out of your investment in porcelain veneers many years ago, but at some point, there comes a time when they need to be replaced.

It’s important for you to recognize the signs. Keep reading to learn about visual indicators that your veneers are no longer functional, as well as reasons your veneers may no longer have a secure fit. That’s one of the ways you know it’s time for replacing your veneers in Allen.

How Will I Know that I Need New Veneers?

Based on appearance alone, there are multiple ways you can tell your veneers have reached the end of their lifespan:

  • The veneer has darkened. While this may seem to be what is happening, it’s actually a matter of the dental cement darkening and becoming visible through the veneer. It’s not possible to lighten the cement, so it must be removed along with the veneer and then you get a new one applied.
  • Stains cannot be removed. Veneers can stain from certain foods with acidic ingredients, as well as from beverages like red wine, cola, and coffee. Stains can be removed from veneers with intense brushing. But when that no longer works, your veneers need to be replaced.
  • The veneer is cracked, chipped, or worn down. Veneers are durable, but they can break or wear out if not treated properly. If a veneer becomes rough around the edges, that’s a clear indicator a replacement is needed. You’ll be able to feel the roughness with your tongue.

Why Do My Veneers Now Fit Loosely?

There are several reasons your veneers are no longer securely in place and all of which indicate that you need a new set.

  • Your veneers are the wrong size. This can unfortunately happen if the dentist who installed your veneers did not measure your mouth to ensure a proper fit. This can be painful, but you’ll know that you need a new set.
  • The veneer is separating from your gums. Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, which can then create a gap between your veneers and gums.
  • The tooth that supports your veneer is decayed. It won’t matter how durable your veneer is when there is an issue with the tooth underneath it. The veneer will begin to separate from the decaying tooth.
  • Your veneers were not applied properly. Installation requires filing off a tiny amount of enamel and using a strong dental cement to secure the veneer. If the process is not executed correctly, your veneers can loosen or even fall off.

Veneers are made to be a solution that can last two decades, and they can do just that with proper application and care. But eventually, they will no longer be in suitable condition, and it will be up to you to realize it. Contacting your cosmetic dentist in Allen will get you started in the process to acquire a new set.

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