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Affordable Dental Insurance Plans for Your Family

At P.A. Dental Arts, we understand the importance of your oral health. Dental insurance is changing drastically and for many people, traditional insurance isn’t an available option. We don’t want a lack of traditional dental insurance to be a roadblock to getting you the smile of your dreams. Our dental plan is a simple affordable approach that allows you to maintain a healthy smile as well as discounts on other services should you need them. The yearly plan for both adults and children covers the following:

  • 2 cleanings
  • 2 exams
  • 2 X-rays
  • 1 emergency exam

Pricing as follows (per year, per person):

  • Adults: $259
  • Children: $159

Dental Plan Coverage

ProcedureYour costUsual fee
Periodontic oral examFREE$68
Limited oral examFREE$93
Comprehensive examFREE$108
Comprehensive periodontal examFREE$132
Full mouth x-raysFREE$160
Panoramic x-raysFREE$136
Bitewing x-rays (4 films)FREE$78
Bitewing x-rays (2 films)FREE$55
Healthy mouth cleaning - adultFREE$116
Healthy mouth cleaning - childFREE$87
Flouride treatment$46$48